Striped bass and native fish

Lake Mohave big striped bassStriped bass is a preeminent sport fish in the United States, and Lake Mohave consistently produces large, trophy-class striped bass.  In an effort to research interaction of the striped bass population in Lake Mohave with the stocking programs for sport fish (rainbow trout) and endangered native fishes (bonytail and razorback sucker), we are asking anglers and spearfishers to post written accounts and pictures of large (greater than 10 lbs) striped bass catches and their stomach contents.  Because large striped bass are difficult to sample, information provided by anglers and spearfishers will be invaluable for learning more about the food habits and preferences of this evasive fish.  Not only will you have bragging rights after hauling in your next trophy striped bass catch, you can get paid for sharing details about what your striped bass was eating!

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