How to Submit

We are offering cash awards to anglers and spearfishers who can provide information that will help us understand the interaction between striped bass and stocking programs for sport (rainbow trout) and native fish (bonytail and razorback sucker) in Lake Mohave.  As shown below, the awards are tiered depending on the amount of information and photo documentation provided in the submission.  

Striped bass must be greater than 10 lbs in weight or 30 inches in length to be eligible for an award.

Tier Requirement Award
1 Completed minimum information and photo of striped bass $5.00
2 Tier 1 + photo of empty gut $10.00
3 Tier 1 + photo of any fishes in gut $15.00
3+ Tier 1 + photo of any native fish in gut $25.00

The following minimum information is required for all award tiers:

  • Date and time of capture
  • Location of capture (you can use river miles, cove names, and/or GPS coordinates if available)
  • Length (from snout to end of tail) and weight of striped bass caught
  • Additional information including lure used and if the striped bass was caught during and near a stocking of trout or native fish.
  • An original, unaltered digital image of the striped bass (and stomach contents for Tiers 2 & 3).

Each photo will be examined for authenticity and only striped bass caught in Lake Mohave will be accepted.  Photos of striped bass with recognizable landmarks from Lake Mohave are preferred (for example, Willow Beach, Cottonwood Cove or Katherine Landing signs or structures).  It also will be helpful if you can include a ruler or other size reference for scale.  Native fish remains for Tier 3+ awards will be confirmed by the forum administrator, and additional photographic documentation may be requested if the species is indeterminate.  All award values are at the discretion of the administrator and are final.

To become a contributor, you must register (link will open in a new window or tab) for a account.  To register you only need to create a userid and give a valid email address, although additional information will be required to receive cash awards.  Once your password is emailed to the email address you provide, you should login on the page you registered if you didn’t close that window, or click here.  You will be taken to your profile page where you can change your password to something you can remember and update as much profile information as you would like.  You can begin posting questions and award submissions right away in our forum.  There are forums for each award tier as well as general forums for general discussions.  Pick a forum and add a new topic to post an award submission or start a new topic.  All catch records are welcome to make the website useful to all members.  Original photos will be requested by email from the site administrator after a submission is received through the forum.

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