Striped Bass

Striped bass is a highly sought after sport fish in Lake Mohave.  It can grow to remarkable size, thanks in part to its propensity to devour any fish it can fit their mouth around.  Striped bass was accidentally introduced into Lake Mohave from Lake Mead via the spillway tunnels at Hoover Dam during flooding in 1983.  There it found ideal conditions to grow: the reservoir was full of fish to eat, and because striped bass is a top-end predator, it quickly attained record size.  The Nevada state record of 60 lbs., 14 oz was captured in Lake Mohave in 1990.

Today, striped bass flourishes and an entire fishing culture has developed around this fishery.  Striped bass is known to congregate near hatchery stocking locations (such as Willow Beach), and will often be found with stomachs full of hatchery rainbow trout.  Recent studies have shown it will eat native razorback sucker up to 20″ in length and native bonytail, although non-native carp, threadfin shad, largemouth bass, and crayfish are additional food sources.

The food habits of striped bass in Lake Mohave are of particular interest to us and is the main reason we are asking for your help; see our “How to Submit” section for more information.

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  1. Striper says:

    So I submitted 1 Tier fish and several Tier 2 fish and have not recieved a reply on the cash award. How does this work around here?

  2. Brian says:

    Sorry we missed your submissions. Great information and we appreciate your interest. Your awards will be processed with the month of June submissions and paid out at the end of the month along with Rocky Mountain Spearo’s submissions once we get more information from him. Thanks again and we look forward to future submissions.

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