Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout
Rainbow trout was first introduced into the Colorado River downstream of Hoover Dam in 1935.  Over the next few decades, the population developed into a blue ribbon trout fishery.  That changed in 1983 after striped bass washed through the spillway tunnels at Hoover Dam and became established in Lake Mohave.  The trout population quickly plummeted as striped bass began to dominate the fishery.  Trout stocking has continued in earnest and hundreds of thousands of 12-14″ rainbow trout are stocked annually into the reservoir by Nevada Department of Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife Service, but successful trout angling has become restricted to areas near recent stocking sites.  It is well known among striped bass fisherman that these trout stocking locations are excellent places to fish for striped bass, and that most trout are quickly consumed by striped bass.

Trout stocking below Hoover Dam

Trout stocking below Hoover Dam began in 1935

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